5 EVENTS – Dream Wedding’s Designers was established to cater for everyone who loves traveling, want to relax, and for people who want quality and good service. Poland may not be the first place that springs to mind when considering destination wedding locations. However, 5 Events offer an array of romantic, picturesque and unique venues. We offer high standards in very reasonable prices. The team can also guarantee a reliable service that organises as little or as much of the process as desired, helps couples to budget effectively, relieves them of stress, and ultimately produces a memorable day that is personal and exclusive. We done over 400 weddings around the world and have immense experience in planning events and can fulfil even the highest requirements with efficiency, creativity and all-round industry know-how.

Cracow and it`s surroundings is home to stunning locations. From beautiful gardens to enchanting castles, there is something for all tastes and visions. Perhaps most impressive of all is the underground SALT MINE located just 14 km from Cracow city centre (and 20 minutes from international airport) – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is both a mysterious and deeply romantic wedding. What is very important in Salt Mine: for reasonable prices Couples have very high standard. You can say “I do” 135 meters under the ground in magical chambers excavated in real, natural, crystal rock salt! Underground lakes, picturesque stairs, salty sculptures can be a great background to yours photos and underground wedding beautiful adventure. Words are only words. We recommend you check for yourself. Let us charm you!… and show Małopolska and all its advantages to your friends. The greatest pleasure for us is to see you smiling once again.

5 Events is a fully legal organizer of tourism in Poland. See our guarantee certificate and permission given by the Marshal of the region of Małopolska.

Our main staff members:

Lidia Wandas

Her friends describe her as a crazy and restless soul, creative and never bored, and someone who never stops thinking. Give her one idea, and probably in one minute, you will get another five. She loves stones, pebbles, small rocks, caves and places full of peace and quiet, where time has a different dimension. As a child, she was fascinated by travel, in Poland and abroad. The first „adventure” from home took place when she was just five years old. She decided to wander off in order to find her grandfather, who had dared to leave home on his tractor without her. Fortunately, after couple of hours searching, he found her.

When she was in high school, she worked as a travel guide in Wieliczka, and this is where she gained her first professional experience. What is more, she worked as the Chairman of Wieliczka’s Citizens Academic Circle and was the co-author of the Youth Travel Guide for the Wieliczka programme. She then finished the studies of her dreams: Management and Marketing in Tourism at the Jagiellonian University (One of the oldest Universities in Europe). Right now she is the one who prepares student to start their career. Lidia is an university lecturer at the Jagiellonian University and she lectures on tourist events planning. She combined this with her professional work as a travel guide, as a Representative and Destination Manager, gaining experience in Poland and other countries. Her longest contract was cooperating with the oldest Polish travel agency: Orbis Travel.

She definitely prefers the warmer climates of Greece or Egypt but always remembers her beloved Cracow, Wieliczka and her favourite region of Małopolska. Travel is her greatest passion and she always puts her heart into her work.

About me: As a Libran, I love beauty and elegance. The greatest pleasure in life is to do whatever you love and work with great people, who get a „buzz” from the smiles of our clients. I was born in Cracow and grew up in Wieliczka and Cracow. „This is my land and this is my heart”. It will give me great pleasure to meet you in the home of the most magical and charming region of Małopolska.

What I would like to show you the most: Cracow , The Wieliczka Salt Mine, the Polish Castles and the colours of Poland in Autumn.

The most beautiful souvenirs to take from your travels: memories, photos and small stones.

Agnieszka Gala

Her adventure with tourism started with her studies. She studied Management and Marketing in Tourism at the Jagiellonian University. During this time, she passed her travel agency licence and started working in a travel agency in Cracow.

One of the Polish proverbs says that „when you eat more, you are even more hungry”. This describes Agnieszka perfectly. She’s fond of mountain trips and has also become a fan of cruises too. She likes working with people and seeing the smiles on the faces of her clients when they return from a successful holiday.. She loves Greece, Croatia, Egypt, Italy and Hungary, but her favourite place is the region of the Polish Tatra Mountains, the region of the Mazury lakes and the Bieszczady countryside. She loves hiking, walking and being close to nature. As a young mum, she will willingly help you with arranging a family excursion too.

About herself: Each place I have seen was, in some way, incredible. However, not everyone has the same tastes, so helping people with choosing a holiday gives me so much satisfaction.

Places I like to return: Rome, Tuscany and the wild region of the Mazury lakes.

Memorable travel experiences: the rain clouds in Tuscany, the „exchange” of the Mercedes mask in Albany, The „Sacre Ceour” Basilica lights in Paris at midnight, the Nile river from the window of a plane, the sunset on Corfu island … each place I’ve seen has left a unique „footprint” in my memory.

The most beautiful travel souvenirs: photos, postcards, and small trinkets, characteristic for a certain place.

Joanna Hyla-Nowak

From her earliest years, her parents instill in her curiosity to the world. She loves to explore new places and go to the loved ones: Polish and foreign. In his student years she worked as a hotel entertainer in Greece and Spain. She completed a Masters degree in Management in tourism at the Jagiellonian University and now she is one of university lecturer – she conduct training games on competition in the tourism market.

As a young married woman, she knows what bride feels during preparations to this special day. As a professional dance instructor she knows that beautiful final result is a fruit of a shared vision and cooperation with a bride and groom. She is happy to make every effort to ensure that wedding day of every couple will be an amazing experience.

Karolina Czop

As far as she can remember she always love to travel. No matter how long was the journey, she always was happy for a new adventure. She took her first step in tourism in high school where she had an intern in the oldest hotels in Krakow, called “Pod Różą” , which is situated in the heart of the town. During her intern she gain her first experience about running a hotel and working with people. She graduated the Cracow University of Economics. She work at 5 Events since 2013, where she is in charge of exotic destination like Mauritius, Bali and Dominican Republic. With love she helps our couples make their dream about wedding in romantic and picturesque scenery (like for example wedding on Isla Saona – Dominican Republic) come true. As a women she can advise future bride about decorations, flowers, because no one will understand women like other women.